Updated Information to Tenants in Sweden, France, Spain, Italy and Austria

On 26 June the travel recommendations from the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding Sweden were changed:

Now you can go to Sweden if you stay in your own house.
Since the holiday homes are our common property, you can now to go to our houses in Sweden without having to be quarantined for 14 days after you return to Denmark.
Carlsberg confirmed that they agree with us on this interpretation.

Updated information to tenants of holiday homes in Spain, France, Italy and Austria as of 27 June:

The situation regarding stays in holiday homes in above mentioned countries was completely changed by the announcement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on June 18:

There are now no restrictions in the travel guide.

All the above countries are now ‘yellow’, which means that you can travel to the countries without having to quarantine after you return to Denmark.

As the updated travel recommendations do not prevent you from using the holiday homes you have booked through the Staff Association, our usual cancellation rules will apply. If you choose not to use the holiday home that you booked, we will naturally mark it as “Vacant” on this website, so other members will be able to book the holiday home for the period in question.

Since it is not likely that any insurance company will cover the rent if you choose not to use the holiday home abroad, our offer to reimburse the rent for the holiday home lapses.

If you won the stay in the draw for the the peak season and choose not to use it, we will reimburse you your points in the booking system.

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