Representation Association

Representation Association

When you become a member of Staff Association Carlsberg, you automatically become a member of the independent Representation Association. 

The Representation Association is responsible for gifts, when members celebrate anniversaries and also provides funeral assistance in the event of death in members’ immediate family.

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Jens Thomsen
Tel: 3327 1408


Board member
Thomas Knudsen
Tel: 3327 5258


Board member
Leif Lynge Pedersen
Tel: 2211 3964


Board member
Peter Petersen
Tel: 2069 9430


Board member

Cathe Kjær
Tel: 4129 1906

Board member
Anne-Mette Schlaikjær
Tel: 2281 4448
E-mail: anne-mette.schlaikjæ


The Representation Association gives a gift – of your choice – at members’ anniversary (25 years, 40 years and 50 years). The value of the gift is DKK 2,000.

To make agreements about the anniversary gift, Hanne Neustrup must be contacted on +45 3327 4556 no later than one month before the anniversary date.

The Representation Association provides funeral assistance in cases, where members lose their spouse or partner, who within the past 5 years have had the same residence address. We also provide funeral assistance for members who lose children under the age of 18.

We do not provide funeral assistance to the estate.

The amount paid is DKK 2,000,-.

For funeral assistance, please send a photocopy of the death certificate to:

Hanne Neustrup
Ny Carlsberg Vej 100
1799 København V

Or via e-mail to: