How to book a holiday home

What’s up with the draw? And how does the booking system work? Find your answers here.


Before the start of each season, we draw lots on who will rent our holiday homes.
We almost always experience a greater demand than we have capacity for, and therefore we are pulling lots to ensure some justice for our members.

The draw for the summer season, which covers both the peak season and mid-seasons (spring and fall), takes place in two stages, but has the same application deadline.

For the peak season (week 27-33), the draw is influenced by the members’ number of bonus points. Members with the most bonus points are drawn first. One bonus point is attributed to all members each year. You can see how many bonus points you have in our booking system. If you are pulled out for a peak season stay, you will lose all earned bonus points.

The mid seasons (weeks 19-26 and 34-39) are drawn just after the peak season. For those weeks we do not take into account earned bonus points, and you will not lose any points if you are drawn to a stay.

You can apply for 1 or 2 weeks stay. Both are on equal terms in the draw. Working members precede senior members.

After the draw, the booking is given free. However, weekly stays will precede shorter stays for 2 weeks after the draw results have been published.

How to participate in the draw

If you want to participate in the draw, you must create lots (holiday wishes) in our booking system.
If you win a stay, you will be notified immediately after the draw.

The booking system

Our booking system is located on its own separate site. You will find the link in many places on this website – including right here:

The first time you enter the booking system, you log in with your employee number. Use the employee number as both user name and password.

When you are inside the booking system, you can choose a specific holiday home on the map or you can search for a vacant home or for a specific period. Booking takes place directly on the page, and you will find a user guide for how to do it on the page.

When you make a booking, the system automatically selects a full week. If you want to book another number of days, you must use the calendar to pick specific dates.

PLEASE NOTE that the reservation of a holiday home is personal and binding in the sense, that we do what we can to re-rent the property to another member, if you are unable to use your booking, but you are liable for the payment if this fails. It is NOT allowed to sublet our holiday homes – not even to colleagues or family members.