Read the rules

Read the rules

When booking our holiday homes, there are some rules that you must adhere to. After which you are very welcomed. Read the rules below.

1. Rent and sublease

Our holiday homes cannot be made available to anyone other than the association’s members. All forms of sublease are prohibited. This also applies to subletting to family members and colleagues.

The tenant must be present in the holiday home and be a member of the Staff Association at the time of stay.

A member can only rent one home at a time, with the exception of Hulegårds Kvarn, where it is permitted to rent both the Big House and the Small House during the same period.

2. The draw

The catalogue for the summer season is published in December. The application deadline is typically in early February.

The catalogue for the winter season is published in July with the application deadline in August.

You can apply for a stay lasting both 1 or 2 weeks in the draw. The draw takes place immediately after the application deadlines.

Booking of available periods after the draw: After publication of the draw, in the first approx. 10 days it will only be possible to book whole week stays. After this, it will be possible to book weekends and shorter stays.

Members with the highest number of bonus points are drawn first, when it comes to the peak season (week 27-33).

If you are drawn for a stay of at least 1 week in the peak season, you will lose all earned bonus points.

During stays in May/June and August/September (mid seasons) and during the winter season no bonus points will be lost, just as the draw for these months will not take into account the number of points earned.

You can participate in the draw regardless of when you last rented a holiday home.

Working members will have priority over senior members in the draw.
All members are attributed 1 point each year.

A member in arrears can NOT participate in the draw.

3. Changeover and cleaning

In our homes in Denmark and Sweden, the changeover is Friday at 4 p.m.
Abroad the changeover is Saturday.

Weekend stays in Denmark and Sweden are from Friday at 4 p.m. to Sunday at 4 p.m.

The homes must always be left clean and ready for the next tenant – or with an agreement for external cleaning, before the start of the next tenancy.

4. Payment

For all stays beginning in May, rent will fall due for payment April 1st.

For all stays during the months of June, July, August and September, rent will fall due May 1st – or the first day of the month after booking.

For all stays beginning in October, rent will fall due September 1st.

For all stays during the months of November, December, January, February, March and April, rent will fall due October 1st – or at the first day of the month after booking.

In case of late or non-payment, the lease will be cancelled and the home will be rented to the next applicant.

5. Cancellation and insurance

A reservation in one of the Staff Association’s homes is binding, in the sense that we will do what we can to re-let the period, if you are unable to stay in the home, but you are liable for the lease and payment in case this fails.

The Staff Association does not have a cancellation insurance on behalf of members. We encourage you to purchase your own insurance.