Our holiday homes

About our holiday homes

Do you enjoy family, fun and days when all you have to decide is where to go and what to eat? We sure do. And if you agree, you’ve come to the right place.


Our association owns eight beautiful holiday homes. Three of them in Sweden and five of them in Denmark. And as a member you can spend your holiday there! We rent our homes to members all year round. And in addition we have rental agreements all over Europe so you can rent holiday homes in several places.

This season we offer stays in apartments in Spain, Rome, Toscana and Nice, a holiday home in Skagen – the most northern part of Denmark, holiday homes in Dyngby (south of Aarhus – east Jutland), Følle Strand (north/east of Aarhus), Vejers Strand (near the sea in western Jutland), a town house in Sandvig Bornholm and holiday homes in  Samsø and Marielyst (Falster) and in Lalandia Resort in Billund (Jutland).

Moreover, during the summer we will close more rental agreements, so we have the opportunity to offer even more holiday homes to our members

Questions about our holiday homes?

Hanne Buch-Larsen
Tel.: 4082 1442
E-mail: hanne.buch-larsen@carlsberg.com

The great overview

You can book holiday homes online. Click here to go to the booking system (NOTE: requires login) or click here to go to our guide on how you book a holiday home.

Below we have put together an overview, so you can look up, when our holiday homes are available.

In below overview you can see how the holiday homes are rented: 
30% discount in selected houses in weeks 2-6: 
There are still available periods in the winter season, and since the houses benefit from having regular tenants, we have decided to offer a 30% discount on new bookings in Lille Hus Hulegårds Kvarn, Hallandsåsen, Nørkjær i Liseleje, Langeland and Fårup fors stays during weeks 2 – 6, i.e., from 6 January to 10th February 2023.
By renting a week in Lille Hus you save DKK 600, by renting a week in Nørkjær you save DKK 750 and by renting a week in the other houses you save DKK 660. – You can of course also choose to book a weekend. 😊
– The discount is automatically deducted when booking.

Booking lists Winter 2022-2023

Available periods can now be booked.

Lalandia you can book up to 3 nights.

Minimum stay in other houses are 2 nights.

You can see our winter catalogue via the link below. The catalogue is in Danish, but you can find descriptions of all the holiday homes in English in the 2022 summer catalogue.

Catalogue winter 2022-20223

 If you have questions about the holiday homes, you can contact Hanne Buch-Larsen, tel. 4082 1442.below

If you want to take part in the draw for a stay in one of our lovely holiday homes in the summer season 2023, you must enter your wish in the booking system before 1 February 2023 at 12 noon.

Read more in the catalog about the holiday homes and prices, or go to the booking system where you will find more descriptions and pictures of all the nice holiday homes.

Holiday Homes Catalogue Summer 2023

If you want to see who booked the individual weeks, you can find booking lists with the names. It is located under the holiday homes and requires login to access.

If you have questions about the holiday homes, you can contact Hanne Buch-Larsen, tel. 4082 1442 – or write an email to hanne.buch-larsen@carlsberg.com

Read about our homes

Every spring and fall we publish a holiday home catalogue, where we present all the available homes of the current season with descriptions, pictures and prices. 

Below you can also see a brief description of the holiday homes that we offer in the summer of 2023. Some of the homes will also be available for winter 2022/2023 – if so, the text will say so. The rental prices are shown are for peak season and other seasons respectively.

Sweden: Hulegårds Kvarn, Big House – offered all year A former watermill in Halland’s Len. Lies in a beautiful terrain with a little stream running along the premises.
Max. 8 people. Rental price: DKK 3,000 / 2,200 / week.

Sweden: Hulegårds Kvarn, Small House – offered all year Located on the same large plot of land as the Big House, just adjacent the little stream.
Max. 6 people. Rental price: DKK 2,800 / 2,000 / week

Sweden: Hallandsåsen – offered all year round
The house is located in an area with lots of golf and skiing opportunities.
Max. 6 people. Rental price: DKK 3,000 / 2,200 / week

Humlehuset – offered all year round
The home is a modern house located directly on a large beachfront down to Kattegat at Klint Strand.
Max. 6 people. Rental price: DKK 4,200 / 2,700 / week

Friheden – offered all year round
A charming old house with a thatched roof built in 1911 on a large beach plot at Klint Strand.
Max. 9 people. Rental price: DKK 4,200 / 2,700 / week

Nørkjær – offered all year round
In Liseleje, the Association’s oldest holiday home is located just opposite Liseleje Plantation hrough which you have a short walk to the beach.
Max. 8 people. Rental price: DKK 3,900 / 2,500 / week

Langeland – offered all year round
This house is located in a lovely holiday area approx. 300 meters from one of the best sandy beaches on the island.
Max. 6 people. Rental price: DKK 3,700 / 2,200 / week

Fårup – offered all year round
A holiday home on a 3259 m2 dune plot, 500 meters from the North Sea.
Max. 8 people. Rental price: DKK 3,900 / 2,200 / week

Følle Beach – offered June-Aug. 2023
New house in 2023. We offer a modern house north/east of Aarhus.
Max. 6 people and 2 children. Rental price: DKK 5,600 / 4,400 / week

Kong Eriks Vej 9 , Skagen

Skagen by the church – offered all year round.             A fantastic holiday home with four bedrooms, situated in the center of Skagen with only 5 minutes walk to the pedestrian street and the harbour. Max. 8 people.
Rental price: DKK 5.600/4.400/3.700/week

Marielyst, Falster- offered May-Sept.
A charming  house situated only 300 m from the ‘City’.    Max 7 persons.
Rental price: DKK. 4.700/3.500/week.

Lalandia – offered all year round
Lalandia Billund. Includes access to Aquadome and MonkyTonkyLand and final cleaning.
Max. 8 people. Rental price: DKK 7,000/5,500/week – 1.100/day.

Western Jutland, Vejers Strand. Offered June-Aug, 2023. A charming modernized house close to the beach (the North Sea). Max. 8 persons. Rental price: DKK 5.600/4.400/week 

Dyngby Strand – offered all year round                      This house is only 200 m from the beach Dyngby Strand just south of the town of Saksild. Max. 6 persons. Rental price: DKK 4.700/3.500/2.700/week.

Samsø – offered during the summer season
The house is located in the small fishing village of Langør at Stauns Fjord midway between Tranebjerg and Nordby.
Max. 6 people. Rental price: DKK 4,000 / 2,800 / week.

Hammershusvej, Sandvig – offered June-Oct. Offered from the start of the school holidays until end of September. Close to the harbour and the beach.
Max. 6 people. Rental price: DKK 5.600 / 4,400 / 3.500 / week 

Marina Baie des Anges – Pyramid houses near Nice
Offered during the summer season. An apartment on the 9th floor overlooking the Mediterranean .
Max. 4 adults and one child.
Rental price: DKK 5,000 / 4,000 / week

Alicante, Spain – offered all year round.
With private garden and pool. There is a tennis court and playground. 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, huge roof terrace with sea views. Max 6 adults and a baby.  Rental price: DKK 5,000 / 4,000 / week.

Frigiliana, Spain – offered all year round.
Lovely apartment near Malaga, 5 km from the coast in an apartment complex with pool. The apartment has 2 bedrooms and is for 4 persons. Rental price: DKK 4,200 / 3,000 / week.

Tuscany, Vineyard Tenute di Bardia.
Offered from May 6th to August 5th and August 19st to September 30th 2023.
Max. 6 people. Rental price: DKK 5,500 / 4,500 / week.

Umbrien, Madone, Italy
New in 2023 Offered from May 6th to August 5th and August 19st to September 30th 2023.. Max 6 people. Rental price: DKK 5.000/4.000/week.

Paris Marais
New in 2023. Offered from May to July 2023.
Max 4 people.
Renal price DKK 4.800/week

Rome Pigneto Quarter – only offered in spring and autum 2023.The apartment is in the Pigneto neighborhood, has a kitchen/dining area, 2 bedrooms and a balcony.      Max. 6 people. Rental price: DKK 3,600 / week.