Cancellation of children’s Christmas party

During the past weeks we have worked hard so that we could hold a super nice children’s Christmas party for our members and their children, and everything is in place for the big party.

But we have just now been told that Carlsberg is canceling their Christmas party on December 4, and therefore we do not think that we in the Staff Association can justify holding a big party with almost 250 participants, with lots of children coming from different institutions and schools around the area (institutions and schools, each of which imposes restrictions to avoid mixing the children).

We have no way of ensuring that infected guests do not come to our party, and as the safety and health of our colleagues and their families is paramount, we do not find it justifiable to hold the event at this time.

In the specific guidelines set out by the authorities, it is recommended to exercise responsibility and use common sense, so after much deliberation, we have decided to cancel our children’s Christmas party.

With our cancellation, we will try to avoid infection both with our colleagues in the Carlsberg companies and with the individual families – and avoid creating unnecessary insecurity among colleagues.

We look forward to the children’s Christmas party at the Carlsberg Museum next year.


Board of Directors

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