New holiday homes for the summer season 2020

For the summer season 2020 we have entered some contracts about lease of new locations. 

In Denmark we have rented a nice summer house 200 metres from the beach in Dyngby, which is located close to Saksild south of Aarhus. In Skagen we have found a new house which is not quite in the city enter, but still within walking distance to the main street and harbour. 

We have previously mentioned that we were not sure about the lease in Sandvig (on Bornholm), but we have now succeeded in getting a contract with the new owner of the house, so Sandvig will also be in the catalogue for the summer 2020.

Abroad we will try out Austria where we have rented a flat for the school holidays in East Tyrol in a fantastic place with beautiful surroundings and both in- and outdoor pools.

Apart from these novelties we are offering most of the locations from summer 2019.

You can already now read more about the locations by logging into the booking program.

You can really look forward to the catalogue which is the pipeline and will be distributed before Christmas.

Read the 2020 summer catalogue here.

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