Holiday homes summer season 2020

See the current booking situation in the link below.

Booking lists summer 2020

Vacant periods can be booked for stays for whole weeks or stays of minimum 2 nights. Lalandia, however, must be booked for stays of min. 3 days. 
Cataloque summer season 2020

By the deadline for creating lots we had received lots from 170 members. Most lots were created for week 30. Here there were 159 lots to rent for other one or two weeks. Runner-up was week 29 – with 151 lots created. So it is impossible for us to fulfill everyone’s holiday wishes.
The most sought for house is our own Fårup, with Sandvig and Dyngby Strand right behind. Also Austria tempted, here 9 members had it as their 1st priority. In total 131 members had one of their wishes fulfilled.

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